Underfloor heating

We install electric underfloor heating

At Westwoods Tiling we install electric underfloor heating systems, we are a Warmup Pro Verified installer. For details, get in touch with us today. 

We are fully trained by Warmup themselves. We are on their register as fully qualified installers....so why choose Warmup over another electric underfloor heating brand you ask? 

Underfloor heating is a cleaner, smarter way to heat your home. Using radiant heat technology, UFH gently warms the people and objects in the room directly, from the ground up - facilitating a much more energy-efficient method. With over 2.5 million underfloor heating systems (UFH) sold in 72 countries worldwide, Warmup offers an extensive range of electric systems compatible with all floor types, rooms and projects. 

Warmup Warranties

With over 20 years of expertise in heating homes across the World, they are so confident in their cutting-edge research and product design and many of their underfloor heating systems come with a Lifetime Warranty for your peace of mind. Warmup Warranties come with assured levels of accreditation, strong financial backing and over 20 years of trading.

Warm up are cutting edge and have designed their thermostats to suit every home, that have some smart features such as being able to load any picture you choose for the back ground.


We ensure we keep up to date with all current British and European standards of installation. As members of the TTA we attend regular training sessions and workshops, training to the highest standards in the country plus coupled with many years of experience and knowledge, means we can provide our clients with up to date techniques and standards. 

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